Electric Imp Announces Murata to Produce Modules for Imp Connectivity Platform


Electric Imp today announced a strategic relationship with Murata to produce and sell its next generation WiFi enabled connectivity module. The collaboration brings together two of the foremost companies in their respective sectors. Electric Imp is an innovative and powerful Internet of Things-based service platform that makes it simple to connect devices to the Internet. Murata is a worldwide electronics leader in research, design, manufacturing and sales of wireless module solutions.


Electric Imp’s new Murata-produced WiFi modules serve as the gateway for manufacturers to increase the capability and value of their products by connecting them to the Internet. The secure and scalable Electric Imp platform - a complete end-to-end solution featuring fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs and cloud servers - dramatically decreases cost and time to market, empowering manufacturers to create the best and smartest products and services possible.

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#IoTDreamProduct Winners Announced


To celebrate Global IoT Day this past Wednesday, we held a contest in conjunction with MakeDeck asking you to share what your #IoTDreamProduct would be. We had a good number of fun and clever submissions, and we’re pleased to announce the two winners.

Congratulations to @devonelliott for his idea of a connected garbage can.

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Happy Global IoT Day!


Today is Global IoT Day and we’re pleased as Internet-connected peaches to be celebrating it with such a wonderful community. We believe that the real innovation and creativity within the IoT space isn’t being driven by big companies, although they’re certainly providing important infrastructure and support, but by makers like you. You are the developers and artists who are pushing the IoT movement forward, and redefining what connectivity can mean for physical devices. You are the developers who will come up with The Next Big Thing.

In honor of Global IoT Day, we’re partnering with our friends at MakeDeck for a contest that runs today, and today only! We want you to tell us what the Internet of Things means to you, and how it can change the way we live, work, communicate and play.

We want you to do this by telling us about your dream connected product.

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