Electric Imp Takes its Show on the Road


Electric Imp is taking its show on the road this fall through a series of platform demos, speaking sessions and workshops at various premier tech industry events in the US and Ireland, where we will lead discussions about the Internet of Things and highlight the company’s role as the leading connectivity solution

If you are planning to attend any of the events outlined below and want to learn more about Electric Imp and our platform, please stop by to say hello. We would love to meet you.

New Relic FutureStack (San Francisco, October 8-9)

First up is this week’s New Relic FutureStack conference. You may recall that last year’s inaugural event showcased a clever and widely hailed Internet-connected attendee badge powered by the Electric Imp platform. The groundbreaking badge featured Near Field Communication (NFC) antennae and enabled attendees to dispense with business cards (so 20th century!) and swap contact information by “bumping” two badges together.

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Enhanced Wireless Connectivity and Other Updates Highlight Latest Electric ImpOS Release


Today Electric Imp released impOS 30 which features multiple updates and extends the Electric Imp platform with enhanced wireless connectivity and upgraded hardware support options. This latest release also addresses a variety of reliability and compatibility issues. All impOS 30 updates are geared to help customers and developers build better Internet of Things devices that deliver great always-on user experiences.

The imp’s WiFi sub-system benefits from being brought up to date with the latest Broadcom firmware and impOS enhancements for improved compatibility, reliability and a better user experience. For example, WiFi module errors are now managed behind the scenes so they are invisible to the user. Devices will continue to operate while the connection is remade.

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Electric Imp Launches Status Page, Adds Notifications to the IDE


Electric Imp today launched a status page, status.electricimp.com, to increase transparency of the performance of imp Services. The central site also allows customers and developers to subscribe to updates on scheduled maintenance and reported incidents.


Screenshot of the new Electric Imp status page

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